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The Best Collision Auto Repair Center In The East Valley

“You can have something repaired correctly, quickly, or inexpensively. Choose two.” This is an old adage in the repair sector.

We disagree at Mesa Valley Collision Center. We will always finish the task correctly, with no compromises on safety or quality; just look at our Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.

We pride ourselves on having great prices and fast turnaround times. We work hard to return your vehicle to you on time and within your budget — that's the just way we work. In addition, all of our paint and repair specialists accept nothing less than perfect, so you can rest assured knowing that we will straighten everything out for you!

Read on for what to expect when working with the best collision auto repair center in the East Valley.

What To Expect From A Collision Auto Repair Center In Arizona

Mesa Valley Collision is where to go for expert restoration services and paint refinishing when your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or other incident. Our skilled experts and painters will repair your car to manufacturer guidelines, leaving it looking brand new!

Collision Repair

Our certified professionals will repair your automobile in the manufacturer's recommended conditions to ensure it is safe and appears and drives like new.

After we get a good base, our experts will color match your paint with the most up-to-date color matching technology and years of expertise to ensure that it looks so flawless that you won't be able to tell your car was ever harmed.

Dealing with your or a third party's insurance company may be the most challenging aspect of having your car fixed. Let's face it; insurance companies want to pay as little money as possible. We'll work with the insurance company to make sure that your claim is handled as quickly as possible and all required repairs are made on your car.

RV Repair

Our professionals will have your RV, 5thwheel, or trailer looking like new again and back to you in no time after completing the job with our sister company, Universal RV & Collision Centers.

We handle fiberglass and metal repair, paint matching, and customization with experience. We're known and trusted in the valley by RV dealers who know we can handle warranty repairs and keep their inventory sale ready, so you know we'll be able to fix all makes and models.

We stand by our work and promise your complete satisfaction. So, whether your front cap is cracked or your rear bumper was destroyed, you may rely on our experts to safely get you back on the road.

Our services include collision repair, door and overhead repair, color-matching and custom paint jobs, decal application, fiberglass repair, etc.

Storm Damage

The valley is subject to severe weather, ranging from haboobs, hail, and micro-bursts. The region's weather can be fierce at times. When Mother Nature unleashes her fury on your automobile, we're here to assist you.

If your car has hail dimples or a limb through the windshield, our professional repair specialists will have you back on the road in no time!

Our services for storm-damaged vehicles include glass replacement, which involves the expert removal and replacement of your windows, windshield, or sunroof. We also provide paintless dent repair (PDR), which means we will remove minor dents with the use of a specialist that returns your car to new without the traditional process of removing paint because we know that requires much more time and costs more.


Do you have a vehicle that runs well, but the paint appears to be dull? Do you have a hot rod with a high horsepower that needs new paint? Or do you simply wish to be more individual in your appearance?

If you're wondering what sort of paint would compliment your car, our experts are here to help. Striping, candy paint, mother-of-pearl, matte – we've done it all!

Excellent preparation is required for a fantastic paint job. First, our prep team will expertly remove all dents, dings, and defects. The surface is then sealed, primed, and sanded one last time to ensure that the paint adheres properly. We utilize the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly water-based system on the market, which Spies Hecker makes.

Our paint crew's experience and know-how, in conjunction with their state-of-the-art paint matching camera and computer system, ensure that your color is a perfect match and the exact right hue for you. We make an infinite number of shades.

The last stage in giving your paint the best possible finish is color sanding and buffing. This removes minor flaws, giving it a gleaming sheen that will endure for years. You'll have trouble believing this is the same vehicle when we're done!

Fleet Services

We understand the need to keep your fleet on the road and operational while lowering expenses. We provide professional repairs, quick response times, and pick-up and delivery services. So call us right now to learn more about how we can assist you in keeping your vehicles on the road and looking good!

Custom/High-End Services

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, we know that you've put a lot of money into your automobile and want it to look great for as long as possible.

The secret to repairing these uncommon cars is an experience that can only be gained through working on them. The most difficult materials for collision repair are aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Our automobile glass experts have over 30 years of expertise working with these materials on a wide range of automobiles and know how to do it correctly.

Our painters will precisely match your custom paint hue, so you'll have no idea that anything changed. In addition, we can assist you in making your automobile your own with distinctive features if that is what you desire.

Customers frequently bring us projects that have gone horribly wrong. The kit claims it's made to fit your make and model, but too often, this isn't the case. We'll collaborate with you to select the best kit for your car, ensure it's properly installed, and then expertly apply that one-of-a-kind paint job to make it stand out!

So before you make a costly mistake by going with the cheapest option, see us first to get your project on the road in the right direction.

Concierge And Rental Car Services

A Lyft or Uber will be dispatched to transport you and your family when you need collision auto repair services in the East Valley. We'll even collaborate with your insurance provider to arrange for a car rental so that you can return your automobile when finished.

We'll ensure that your drop-off and pick-up are a painless, no-fuss experience no matter where you live in the valley.

Get Your FREE Estimate For The Best Collision Auto Repair In The East Valley

Mesa Valley Collision Center provides auto collision services that are second to none. We provide custom-built wheels and rims, along with expert and inexpensive repairs for dents and damages alike, so that you can get back on the road again quickly. Whether it's a simple dent or significant damage, we can work with your insurance to make your automobile whole again.

Let us prove all that to you today! Get in touch with our experts today.

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