The Best RV and Collision Services in Mesa, Arizona

Have you been looking for a premier autobody shop for RV and collision services in Mesa, Arizona? At Universe RV & Collision Centers, your RV is just as important to us as it is to you. We know that it’s essentially your home away from home. If something goes wrong or you are involved in an accident, it can be stressful and debilitating. For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping people all over Arizona get the services they need so they can get back on the road. We have the experience necessary to ensure your RV stays healthy and runs smoothly. Don’t leave your second home in the hands of another collision center that doesn’t know what they’re doing or who doesn’t specialize in RVs of all makes and models.

Instead, read on for everything that Universal RV & Collision Centers can do for you.

Everything That Universal RV and Collision Centers Can Do For You

When it comes to getting your RV repaired, it pays to do a little research to make sure the center you’re taking it to can handle your specific make and model. Our team of RVIA Certified Technicians has the knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair RVs of all sizes, makes, and models. It’s our mission to get your RV safely on the road and give you the peace of mind you need after a collision or accident.

We offer both exterior and interior RV services. Keep reading as we describe each one.

Exterior RV Services

Here are some of the exterior RV and collision services in Mesa, Arizona, you can count on.

Collision Repair

After an accident, we know better than anyone how important it is to get those repairs taken care of quickly. So when you work with us, our expert RV team will work with you to get the repairs you need so you and your family can get back on the road!


Does your RV need new paint due to an accident? Maybe you just need a touch-up? We can restore old, faded, or scratched paint and make sure it looks bright, shiny, and new again.

In fact, we offer FREE paint touchups to your RV. There’s no gimmick or catch — we’d love to touch up those imperfects for you, free of charge. So just remember us when your friends or family need RV repairs.

Generator Services

Have you been looking for RV generator repair and services? We’ve got you covered. We work on Generac, Kohler, Onan, Powertec, and other RV generators.

Roof Repair

It’s imperative that your roof is safe and passes any and all inspections. Universal RV will bring your RV up to snuff regardless of your roofing issue.

Pre-Trip & Post-Trip

At Universal RV, we’ll make sure that all of your pre-trip and post-trip RV, camper, and trailer inspections go according to plan.


When you’re looking for custom fabrication, you can count on us! Our techs have the machinery, equipment, and experts needed to create custom fabrication for your RV, both inside and out.

Fiberglass & Metal Repair

Especially after a collision or accident, the body of your RV is essential. Our team can quickly handle and repair any fiberglass or metal issues necessary so that your RV looks factory new!

Brake, Suspension, & Axle

Each of our professionally trained and experienced RV techs at Universal RV can repair and inspect your pads, rotors, drums, u-joints, and axles.

Propane Services

Whether you’re dealing with leaks or other propane issues, we can help you with ongoing propone maintenance and handle any other problems that may arise with your tank or lines.

Interior RV Services

Now that you know how we can help you with exterior RV services, let’s go over our interior services.


At Universal RV, we take pride in our interior finishes, including our cabinet work. Call us when you want beautiful cabinets that look and work like new.

Black & Gray Tank

Whether it’s cleaning or repair, your black and gray wastewater tanks must remain in good working condition. So let us help you with making your tanks work like new!

Propane Service

You can also count on us for all of your indoor propane needs. That includes leak fixes, ongoing maintenance, and other issues that might come up with your tank or lines.


Our team is equipped to repair or replace all makes and models of RV appliances in your unit so that you and your family continue to be comfortable in your home away from home.


Universal RV also performs plumbing installations and repairs for RVs, campers, trailers, and motorhomes. We have the tools and expertise to help you no matter your plumbing needs.


Don’t fret about your electrical issues in your RV either! We can handle everything, from amperage, batteries, hookups, troubleshooting, energy hogs, etc.

Fresh Water

Are you dealing with holes or cracks in your freshwater tank? We can repair any type of fresh water tank and help with the plumbing and replacement too.


Need an upgrade or repair on your RV flooring? Our team would love to update your tile, wood, carpet, or any other flooring you have to make your RV the best it can be.

Solar Batt is essentialeries/Inverters

Universal RV offers repair and installation for solar panels, converters, inverts, generator service, and more, no matter your RV make and model.

Contact The Top RV Shop in Mesa

Don’t take a chance when it comes to RV and collision services in Mesa, Arizona. Contact our repair and collision shop when you want to safely and quickly get back on the road. We repair shop services all makes and models so that you can get back to where you need to be.

Get started here.

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